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Co-operative Energy
Co-operative Energy, a comparatively new player in the UK domestic energy supplier field, is linked with Midcounties Co-operative, the UK’s third largest supplier of its type. It’s a nationwide supplier, covering the whole of the UK, except Northern Ireland since 2010, and is already winning prizes for its customer-oriented approach as well as its prices.

Due to its unique business ethos based on the Co-operative movement’s 165-year record of fair trading, Co-operative Energy is able to offer its customers consistently competitive prices based on long-term usage. Customers won’t find special switching offers with subsequent huge price hikes here, as the co-operative is committed to long-term provision at the best possible rates.

Co-operative Energy Service

Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy

Another advantage of the service offered by Co-operative Energy is its simplicity. Domestic users are besieged with over 4,000 different tariffs from the main UK suppliers, meaning making an informed choice is difficult, if not impossible, and leaving households subject to frequent and damaging price hikes. This company offers a single tariff based on a standing charge and a charge for each unit used – that’s it.

Unique within the home energy sector, Co-operative Energy pledges to inform consumers of the costs of the company’s energy purchases and its profits, and how the profits are distributed between members and re-investment projects. Openness, transparency and honesty have been hallmarks of the Co-operative movement since its beginning in the mid-19th century, and are still benchmarks of the society in the 21st century.

How to Switch to Co-operative Energy

To switch to Co-operative Energy, householders need to become members of the Midcounties Co-operative Society. The society has no shareholders, with its members sharing profits twice yearly in proportion to their energy usage and also sharing profits from Midcounties’ other businesses. Members vote on profit and re-investment distribution, the election of directors and the guidance of the society’s development, thus having a community voice in the ongoing success of the enterprise.

Switching is straightforward via the society’s website or by phone, but can be time-consuming. Four simple steps are explained, from signing up through the society to arranging a switchover date with your present supplier, with the process taking between four and six weeks. Before the switchover date, you’ll be asked for a meter reading in order to establish your average energy usage. Your first direct debit payment will be taken after switchover is complete, and you’ll subsequently receive quarterly statements.

The society is not yet ready to supply business energy, but is asking interested parties to register with them in order to estimate the demand in the business sector. Services offered to domestic consumers at present include dual or single fuel supply. There is a monthly standing charge and fixed payment amounts are re-calculated according to usage on a six-monthly basis. The single payment method is by direct debit, and secure statements can be accessed online.

Co-operative Energy Commitment

Co-operative Energy is committed to renewable sources of energy. The ‘Big 6’ suppliers account for 99 per cent of domestic energy consumers in the UK, leaving the smaller providers to concentrate in improving their carbon content. Co-operative Energy pledges to source its electricity supplies from generating companies which can deliver electricity at less than half the national carbon content average. The more customers it gets, the more it can influence the nation’s carbon footprint.

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