E.ON Announces Plans to Close Oil-fired Power Plant

E.ON LogoIt now seems that one of the top utility companies in the UK has announced that it has decided to close its huge 1,380 megawatt oil-fired power plant. This is a plant that is located on the Isle of Grain. E.ON says that the station is no longer needed to generate power, and thus will be closed.

Of course, most people will not even notice that the plant is gone. In fact, the plant has been idle for the past two years. It has been kept around to provide back-up electricity at peak times. However, that is no longer needed because of gas-fired power plants, which turn out to be cheaper to run.

E.ON released a statement saying that the power station, which has not generated power during the past two years, was originally due to be closed at the end of 2015 anyway. This is because it does not meet the requirements that have been set into place by the European Union’s Large Combustion Plant Directive.

As post people already know, the European Union’s Large Combustion Plant Directive has imposed some very strict guidelines that have to be followed by plants. Thus, E.ON was left with the choice of closing down the plant or refitting it with cleaner equipment. In the end, E.ON assumed that this would cost more money than what it would be worth.

Despite the fact that this is a large plant that will be shut down for good, only about 16 staff members will lose their jobs. However, E.ON has already said that these 16 people will hopefully be redeployed elsewhere in the company.

This is not the only announcement like this that has been made by E.ON. In fact, the company also announced earlier this year that it was going to close its 1,940 megawatt coal-fired plant in Kingsnorth. This is going to be closed by March of 2013. That is because the plant is going to run out of allocated running hours under the European Union rule that was discussed earlier in the article.

Tony Cocker, who is the chief executive of E.ON UK, said that the company did not have plans to close or modernize any of its gas-fired power plants right now. In fact, he said that they are very pleased with their gas plants, but it all has to be economical, so the company will continue to monitor it very closely.

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