British Gas Continues to Threaten the UK’s Future After Dropping Nuclear Plans

British Gas logoIf people weren’t worried about the UK’s feature energy plans, now would be a good time to start worrying. British Gas has recently confirmed that they are now dropping plans to build several new nuclear power plants. These power plants were considered a major cog in the future energy network of the UK.

These reports from British Gas, which were made earlier this week, have caused many industry experts to wonder now if the UK can really cut back on using fossil fuel now. Government officials now say that the country needs a plan B, and they need it quickly. With most gas- and coal-fired power plants set to close down within the next 5 years, there may not be enough time anymore for the UK to create a plan B.

So now the question is: Why did British Gas choose to cancel their nuclear energy products? According to British Gas’ parent company, Centrica, these cancellations were due to many delays, as well as uncertainties over support schemes for new power plants.

Of course, not all energy companies are following in the footsteps of British Gas here. In fact, EDF has already announced that they plan to build a nuclear power plant. The goal is to have this power plant up and running by the end of 2017. The problem is that one power plant is not going to be enough to offset the number of coal- and gas-fired plants that will be shutting down.

The CEO of Centrica, Sam Laidlaw, said that Britain is in the middle of facing a huge energy crisis. However, there are solutions to this problem, and some of them lie in the pockets of consumers. This kind of upgrade is going to take investment.

This latest news, coupled with bad news from the past, has many Brits worried about where their energy will be coming from in the years to come. Right now they see energy prices continuing to rise, and there does not seem to be any relief in sight. Not only that, but seeing the government worried over the future of energy doesn’t instill confidence. How much higher must energy prices go before they reach a max? Better yet, how long does the UK have left before it’s lights out?

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