British Gas Invests £7 million into 4energy

British Gas logoHow many people out there have heard of 4energy? Probably not too many, so it is easy to see why so many people were shocked to see that British Gas was investing a staggering £7 million into this company. 4energy is known as a company that comes up with cooling systems for data center and telecommunication companies.

British Gas, which is actually the largest energy supplier in all of the UK, now holds a huge stake in 4energy, which is based in Nottingham. This stake is actually bigger than all of the existing investors in the company. Currently, 4energy has been backed by other groups like the Carbon Trust and Catapult Venture Managers.

4energy has not been around too long. In fact, the company was first started back in 2005. Currently, it is known for reducing the amount of cooling equipment data centers need. In fact, 4energy says it is able to reduce the amount of cooling this kind of equipment needs by nearly 50 percent in most cases.

So if 4energy is doing so well, why do they need more investment? Apparently, the company already operates in places like India, China and the UK. However, the company would like to expand in these areas and into new areas as well. Thus, they want to use this funding to expand in Africa, North America and other places in Europe. They will, of course, also continue to expand in China and India. Since their technology seems to work rather well, a number of companies have been trying to get in on the ground floor of this thing, including British Gas.

The founder and current CEO of 4energy, Pat Tindale, said his company will hopefully be able to enrich other companies’ current energy saving methods. If this technology can reduce their need to cool equipment by 50 percent, it is likely that it can save companies tons of money every year. 4energy is excited to have landed the support of British Gas.

The managing director of British Gas, Phil Bentley, said that his company can see promise in 4energy. Data center equipment uses a lot of power. It takes a lot to keep them cool. 4energy has found a way to reduce the amount of energy it takes to do this. Investing in 4enegy is going to help British Gas and its consumers manage all of their energy much more efficiently.

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