British Gas Plans a Joint Project With Bio Group

British Gas in FlamesThere are some energy groups out there that people think could be doing more to help the UK lower its carbon emissions. Then there are groups, like British Gas, that are attempting to go above and beyond their call of duty. In fact, just recently it was announced that British Gas and Bio Group were going to work together in a £5 million joint project.

Apparently, these two groups are planning to put a new power plant in Stockport. This plant is supposed to heat homes using leftovers from restaurants all over the UK. Overall, the project will be fueled by waste from hotels, restaurants, takeaways, and even offices. Then this new plant will process the waste into bio-fuel.

The new plant itself is going to be built on a former landfill site in Ashton Road. Here, it should be able to produce energy for some 1,400 homes when it becomes operational next April. In the process of making this energy, it will also be eliminating some 250,000 tonnes of food from landfills each year.

The chief executive of Bio Group, Steve Sharratt, said that this new facility has been designed using ground-breaking technology. It will make a real difference to the future of renewable gas across Greater Manchester.

Of course, Steve Sharratt could be right. In fact, Biomethane is predicted to make up about 15 percent of the domestic gas supply in the UK by 2020. This kind of gas is produced by heating food, which is broken down by a natural bacterium-creating gas. This gas is then processed before it is put into the national gas grid. The remains of the waste will be used as an organic fertilizer on farmland.

This plant will be the very first in the UK to benefit from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. Under this program, producers get paid a premium for the gas that they are able to supply to the national grid to help fund the development of new renewable-energy projects.

The managing director of British Gas’s low-carbon project developments, Gearoid Lane, said that the project shows how recycling waste that would otherwise go to the landfill is good for the environment. However, it is also going to play a very vital role in meeting people’s everyday energy needs. The benefits of this new project are really two-fold, and that is great. This is the kind of push that renewable energy needs to help make a better tomorrow.

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