British Gas Rolls Out New Smart Meters

British Gas in FlamesLately there have been a lot of questions regarding smart meters. Many people are asking if these meters are even able to save people money. However, it would appear that British Gas is not worried about it. In fact, this UK power company just recently announced their plans to roll out a new kind of smart meter.

British Gas is hoping to install these meters in 10 million homes all over Britain. After installing these new meters, British Gas said that consumers will be able to better monitor the cost of their electricity and gas. They will even get real-time gas consumption figures. The company hopes that this will help home owners see just how much power they are really consuming.

Of course, the UK government has nothing against this roll out. In fact, the government is ordering that all homes be fitted with smart meters by 2020. The government is sticking to this plan despite recent reports that suggest that smart meters save home owners little to no money on their power bills, and they do very little to lower carbon emissions.

Either way, it appears that the life of the smart meter will not come to an end quickly. After all, British Gas is the largest UK energy provider. The fact that British Gas is going to back smart meters is a pretty big deal.

The managing director for British Gas Smart Homes, Dean Keeling, said that these meters can be used very quickly to deliver brilliant insight for consumers. It also helps British Gas deliver insight that consumers can trust. People will know that this information is accurate all the time. Overall, British Gas feels that it can use these smart meters to build a better business.

Despite all the recent negative feedback regarding smart meters, there are still some groups that support them. For example, a spokesman for Greenpeace said that these meters allow for a smarter way to use energy. Using energy in smarter ways is the best thing that people can do besides looking into generating renewable energy.

All the British Gas consumers who receive this upgrade will have two different smart meters. They will have one for electricity and one for gas. These smart meters, at the very least, can measure energy consumption on an hourly rate and let people know just how much it costs them during that hour. This way, when people do things to save energy, they can see how much it is actually saving them.

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