Cuadrilla Is Unlikely to Turn Balcombe Into a Fossil Fuel Site

No Fracking signNot too long ago, energy company Cuadrilla tried to turn Balcombe in West Sussex into a fracking site. This was met with heavy resistance from locals. It was first believed that Cuadrilla would turn this area into a fossil fuel production site. However, it now seems that the firm is going to explore other areas and leave Balcombe alone for now. Of course, it is hard to blame them considering the area is now home to a huge anti-fracking protest group.

A spokesman for Cuadrilla said that they are unlikely to develop this area for full production. That being said, the company is not going to completely rule it out at this time. However, given the fact that the company has such a huge license area to work with, it is very likely that there are other areas that are more suitable sites.

In short, Cuadrilla is hoping to start production in an area where they meet less resistance. Although the protesters have won the battle, they have also hurt Balcombe in the process. Had Cuadrilla opened up full production in this area, it would have really helped the struggling job market. Now, Cuadrilla is going to move its operations and its business elsewhere.

For now, it appears that Cuadrilla is going to look for other sites in Sussex to develop. However, Cuadrilla might find itself in over its head yet again. Sussex has proven to be another area that is heavy with anti-fracking protests. It will be interesting to see if Cuadrilla backs down again when met with heavy resistance.

Cuadrilla had been trying to develop Balcombe for weeks. However, the development was going slow because campaigners would gather right at the entrance to the development site and slow down deliveries. This method apparently worked, and it slowed down production just enough that Cuadrilla figured it would be easier to set up shop elsewhere.

Oddly enough, Cuadrilla had stated previously that it did not plan on doing any kind of hydraulic fracking in that area. Despite this, protesters were worried that the company might do so in the future, and decided to disrupt its business.

Hydraulic fracking is very controversial. At the same time, if people would stop fighting it, this method has the power to lower energy bills and make paying for natural gas a lot easier. If fracking does not get underway soon, this winter is going to prove very costly because the UK will have to import more and more gas to keep up with demand.

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