Department of Energy and Climate Change believes Energy Efficiency Could Replace more than 20 Power Stations

Loft insulationRight now the big question in the UK is: How can the country produce more energy? However, it now appears that the Department of Energy and Climate Change thinks that people are looking at this problem in the wrong way. It should not just be about how to produce “more” energy, but how to better use the energy the country does have.

Building power stations costs a lot of money. If there was a way to take more than 22 of them out of the equation, that would save the government millions. Well, it just so happens that experts now think that more than 22 power stations could be taken out of use if homes were made more energy efficient.

In light of this new information, the government has already been so bold as to introduce a new package of energy efficiency measures that need to be taken. These measures alone could cut the UK’s total energy consumption by 11 percent by the year 2020. As a result, this will boost the economy and the standard of living in the country.

Cutting the amount of energy homes use has a ton of benefits. Not only does it mean that the country does not have to worry about producing “X amount of energy,” but it means that home owners are spending less on their power bills. By saving people money, the UK is actually stimulating the economy while still solving some of the biggest problems in the UK.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change was the group that unveiled this new package. It is going to be called the UK’s first national Energy Efficiency Strategy. They believe that this is going to help kick-start a revolution in the UK that people have very rarely seen. It will not only help homeowners, but businesses and public transport as well.

There are four key elements to this new strategy. All of these “elements” are things that the government believes is hampering the development of energy efficiency in the country. This includes things like an underdeveloped market and a lack of information on energy efficiency (just to name a few).

This does not completely solve the UK’s growing energy problem. However, it does seem to be another piece of the puzzle. Instead of trying to come up with enough energy to meet the country’s growing energy needs, why not lower the country’s energy consumption as a whole.

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