Despite Setbacks, UK is on Track to Meeting 2020 Renewable Energy Targets

Wind and Solar EnergyRecently, there has been a lot of bad news regarding the renewable energy sector in the UK. So much, in fact, that many believed that the UK would not be able to reach their targets. However, the government has recently put these fears to rest by stating that they are on track to meeting their 2020 renewable energy targets. This was thanks to the fact that low-carbon electricity generation was able to grow more than a quarter in the year ending June 2012. Most of this was due to new solar and offshore wind projects.

This report, which was released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, stated that renewable energy actually accounted for over 10 percent of the total electricity supplied in the 12 months to the end of June. As a result, renewable power output actually grew by an incredible 27 percent from July of 2011. This more than puts the UK on track to meeting its goals as long as more projects continue to be in the pipeline.

Edward Davey, who is the energy Secretary over at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, said that renewable energy is increasingly powering the UK’s grid. Not only that, but it is finally starting to help out the economy as well.  This is being viewed as a fantastic achievement, as more than 10 percent of the nation’s power now comes from renewables. This is huge when considering the fact that the UK started in a pretty poor condition.

Right now, the UK wants to produce at least 15 percent of its energy from renewable energy by the year 2020. This does include electricity, heat and transportation. Overall, that would mean that at least 30 percent of the UK’s electricity needs to come from renewable sources by the end of decade. Most likely, wind will play a huge factor in getting the country to its goal.

It’s kind of funny when people think about how it was wind power that made it possible for our forefathers to explore the new world and make a new life for themselves. Once again, the nation turns to wind to make yet another new start. There is no denying that the power of wind is great, and it can help us reach our renewable energy goals.


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