Dong Energy to Create 40 New Jobs in Grimsby

Wind turbinesAccording to reports, Denmark-based wind farm juggernaut Dong Energy, said it should be able to create 40 new jobs in Grimsby. This was announced after the company confirmed that it is currently looking at a new location in the town for its maintenance and operations base. This is great news, as the job market has been weak as of late.

Dong Energy has a lot going for it right now. In fact, Westermost Rough is owned by the company, and this is a £800 million offshore wind farm located right off the coast of East Yorkshire. Not only that, but just last week the company went on to announce that it is starting construction on a new farm with 35 turbines. The plan is for this farm to be open as of 2014. However, that is assuming that they do not run into any delays.

Dong Energy spokesman Rune Birk Nielsen said that they expect to build a new maintenance and operations base in Grimsby. This will most likely be located at a harbor, but no decision has been set in stone yet. They expect that this new base will need between 30 and 40 workers. These people will, of course, be part of the team that will be running this new base. So these will be completely new jobs.

Overall, this is great news for Grimsby. In fact Grimsby Renewables Partnership chairman Chris Holden said that this is fantastic news. This will open the door for more opportunities for Grimsby. It also underlines what Grimsby has said over the past four to five years, which is the fact that jobs will come to Grimsby. This is where the leaders of the wind farm industry have come to operate their wind farms.

Despite Grimsby’s very optimistic outlook on things, it is not yet known which other companies, if any, will set up shop in Grimsby. As it was previously stated, Grimsby has been telling people that wind farm giants will be coming to their town. However, they have been saying this for nearly five years now. It has taken a long time even for Dong Energy to make its way there. How long will it take for other companies to follow suit?


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