Energy Bill Demonstrators Cause Traffic to Come to a Standstill

Woman Warming Hands by the FireAccording to recent reports, demonstrators who were protesting high energy bills in the UK brought traffic to a standstill. This happened in central London as the demonstrators called on the government to do something about these out-of-control energy bills.

Of course, the demonstrators do have a good point. Every day, more families in the UK fall into fuel poverty. So what is done about it? Nothing. Companies continue to announce price increases. These companies say that they are increasing prices because the price of wholesale energy is on the rise. However, if that was the case, why are all of these huge energy companies able to announce such huge profits?

Reports from central London show that the campaign group called Fuel Poverty Action formed a huge blockade outside the Department of Energy and Climate Change located in Whitehall. They say that this blockade was made to urge the ministers to do something about high energy prices. The campaign group said that no family should have to choose between eating and heating their home.

Local media said that there were about 50 people who took part in the blockade. This did include people who were elderly and disabled. Of course, it is fitting that elderly people took part in the blockade since they are the ones who are hurt the most by rising energy prices. These people are on fixed incomes.

Police did come to remove the protesters. However, after some protesters refused to move, police decided that it would be easier just to divert traffic away from the blockade. The group finally did disperse, but only after an hour or so of blocking the road. It should be noted that they did choose to disperse of their own free will.

A member of Fuel Poverty Action, James Granger, said that they need to hear some of the really horrible stories that people are being forced to deal with at their homes. The members of the government aren’t struggling to pay their bills. It is the everyday “average Joe” that is struggling to keep their heat on.

James went on to say that, in many cases, people have to cut back on other expenses to pay for their heat. However, there are some bills that just can’t be cut back on. They are what they are. So people have to adjust things that they do have a control over, like food. People have to decide if they want to feed their families or freeze to death.

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