Energy Efficient Homes Cause Bills to Skyrocket in Bradford

House with solar panel roofingWhen someone moves into an eco-friendly home, the last thing that they would expect is for their energy bill to skyrocket. Unfortunately, that is just what is happening to people living in Pavilion Gardens. These Bradford homes, which are supposedly the “homes of the future”, are causing some people’s energy bills to actually double.

When families moved into these homes, they were promised that the designs of the homes would make bills lower than at their previous homes. The homes that are located at Pavilion Gardens are super-insulated and built with close to £5.6 million of taxpayers’ money. So when this eco-friendly construction ended up costing people more money, people wanted answers.

So far, homeowners in this area have expressed concern, as many have seen their energy bills more than double.  This increase came despite the air heat pumps or biomass boilers that have been equipped in each home. On top of that, each home is also fitted with solar panels to help provide electricity. With these kinds of improvements, energy bills should be going down.

Of course, this problem is not going to go unchecked. Council members have admitted there is some kind of problem with the way energy is being used at this site. Thus, families are going to be reimbursed for their excessive energy bills. The council is now placing the blame on the original builder and demanding answers.

Danny Hall, a resident of Pavilion Gardens, said that he lives in a 3-bedroom home with his wife and three kids. He was shocked when he received an electricity bill of £1,600 for half of the year. He said that the houses are supposed to be more energy efficient, yet the bill was nearly double what he previously paid.

As it turns out, this is not the first problem that Danny Hall’s family has experienced since moving into these homes. In fact, when they initially moved in, no water was running in the house, as the water recycling system hadn’t been turned on. When someone finally came out to turn it on, water literally poured out of the light fittings in the house.

Other features these houses have include eco-heat exhaust pumps that have the ability to recycle warm air. On top of that, they also have rainwater-harvesting structures to help cut down on water bills. Despite all of this, something is drawing more power than what it needs, and it is costing families a ton of money.

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