Hundreds of British Gas Staff Axed in Southampton

British Gas in FlamesAccording to reports, a job fair is being held for hundreds of British Gas members who were axed. Apparently, these members were cut from the Southampton call center for British Gas. This cut does not come as a shock, as British Gas had made it clear that this day was coming. Either way, it was still a sad day as some 500 staff members lost their jobs as the call center was closed. Now these workers are faced with trying to find a job in one of the worst economies the UK has ever seen.

A number of companies will be attending this job fair. In fact, representatives from twenty companies are said to be there. This does include Barclays, Hampshire Police, Aviva, and Capita. Although this is great news, it is still believed that few of the 500 workers will actually land new jobs here. Most of the companies showing up for the job fair are simply “saving face.” Few of them are actually looking forward to hiring many workers unless the “perfect” candidate happens to show up.

British Gas has let go of a number of staff lately in order to save money. The company needs to find a way to cut costs, and closing some of its call centers seemed to be the best option. They were able to save money be letting go of hundreds of workers. The energy company did go on to say that 50 jobs from this call center will be transferred to Chandler’s Ford. Most of the workload that was flowing into Southampton will now be transferred to Leeds, Manchester, and Cardiff.

The general manager for British Gas in Southampton, Andy Eley, said that the proposal to close this office in Southampton was a very difficult decision to make. However, British Gas is doing all it can to support the employees who are forced to go through this difficult time.

This is just more bad news for the already weak UK economy. In fact, British Gas is not the only company making cuts right now. For example, the insurance giant Zurich has also announced plans to make some 160 workers redundant at its offices in Whiteley. Furthermore, HSBC bank announced that some 100 jobs in Southampton were at risk of being made redundant as well.


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