Experts Still Expect Wind Energy to Boost the Welsh Economy

Wind FarmThere are a lot of things working against the UK right now. However, the two biggest ones would be energy and the economy. Right now, energy prices are on the rise, and people are having a hard time paying their bills. They are having a hard time because the economy is at a standstill. Tons of people remain unemployed. So when a job does become available, it is flooded with requests.

However, there could be an easy answer to both problems: wind power. That’s right, according to reports, wind energy may be able to not only help the UK reach its carbon emission goals, but it could actually boost the economy by close to £2.3 billion.

This new research was carried out by the Cardiff Business School. They found that an average of 2,000 extra jobs a year could be created until 2050 if the UK would invest more in wind power. Not only that, but it would inject close to £2.3 billion into the Welsh economy. These are numbers that are simply too big to be ignored.

The research that was carried out by thee Cardiff Business School was based on how much money has remained in Wales and has been spent on wind farms. As it turns out, there is a pretty good rate here that the government needs to be paying attention to. That being said, the school also warned that any further delays on approving wind farms will hamper these results.

Of course, the Welsh government does have a few projects in the pipeline. They have set a goal to generate at least 2,000 megawatts of power from onshore wind turbines by the year 2025. Most of the power would be available by the year 2020. The government knows that these projects will not only improve their chances of reaching their carbon emission goals, but it should also improve the economy.

Despite all of this, the fact remains that this is not enough. More has to be invested in green energy. This is the only way that, not only Wales, but the rest of the world can break its dependency on fossil fuels. In order to move forward, more money has to be invested. In the end, it would prove to be a smart move by businesses to invest in renewables. After all, one day renewable energy will have to surpass fossil fuels, because it is not renewable.

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