Homeowners to Face Huge Quarterly Bills this Winter

Utility bill, light bulb and moneyThere will be no break in energy bills this winter. In fact, reports now show that the average household will see a quarterly increase of £530 in their bills in the coming months. Of course, this should not come as a shock to anyone. In fact, this increase was expected after all the major energy providers in the UK increased their rates just before winter hit.

During the winter months, most consumers use around 40 percent of their annual energy consumption. This means, that they are using close to half of their total energy usage within one season. This information was brought to light by Moneysupermarket.com.

Between the months of August and December, most energy providers announced an increase to their rates. On average, this rate increase was 7.6 percent. The increase for all of these providers has either happened or will happen before January 18. This would make these increases active just before the coldest part of the year.

Clare Francis, who is a member of Moneysupermarket.com, said that many households will be dealing with festive financial hangovers in January. This is a term people use when consumers spend too much during the holidays, and they find themselves in the hole to start the New Year.

Francis went on to say that the last thing that these consumers need is to be hit with rising costs. However, that is just what is going to happen when they get their next few energy bills. Right now, consumers need to consider moving onto a cheaper tariff. Also, people who are on fixed deals need to know for sure when these deals end.

Many experts are confused at how energy bills are going to increase so much this winter. All of these big energy companies have posted good profits. Should some of the money they made at the expense of their customers be used in some way to lowering costly winter bills?

Of course, energy companies say that these increases are due to an increase in wholesale prices. That being said, this is a statement that consumers are not able to challenge. Thus it is the perfect excuse for energy providers. Not many people know the price of wholesale energy, and thus if people are told it is increasing, they just have to believe it.


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