Household Heating Bills Up nearly 63 percent compared to 2007

Woman Warming Hands by the FireThink the price for heating a house has gone up over the past few years? Well, anyone that said yes is 100 percent right. However, what people may not know is just how much it actually has gone up in a few short years. New research that was recently released by uSwitch shows that the cost of heating a home in the UK has already increased by 63 percent in just five years.

The report goes on to show that the average heating bill has gone up from £360 to around £587 since 2007. That means, that most people have noticed an increase of at least £227 over the course of five years. For anyone who has not started making more money during those five years, they may be noticing that their funds are being stretched thinner and thinner.

To make matters even worse, most bills are about to go up again. This is because most energy suppliers have announced an increase in prices. These increases will take place over the next few weeks and be applied to people’s bills no later than January of next year.

Most people will see an average increase in prices of seven percent. This should add about £90 to the average dual fuel bill. That may end up being about £90 too much for some families who are already struggling to get by.

The report from uSwitch went on to say that, last winter, nearly 75 percent of households rationed out their energy usage. However, this is a percentage that is expected to increase to 87 percent this coming winter. Thus, uSwitch is urging all of its consumers to review the energy tariff that they are on. They need to make sure that they switch to the cheapest deal available to them in order to save money, regardless of how little the savings are going to be.

The truth is, uSwitch is right. Right now, energy companies assume that people are too lazy to switch. They count on consumers staying put, even when energy prices are increased, because they are simply too lazy to do anything about it. This is something that consumers could overcome if they choose to switch energy providers, even if it saves them just a little bit. That would show energy suppliers that people are willing to do whatever it takes now to save money.

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