John Hayes says Anti-Biofuel Protesters are Detached from Reality

John HayesAccording to reports, Conservative MP John Hayes has completely dismissed all claims from anti-biofuel campaigners. He went on to say, as a minister, he has to deal with these kinds of issues. On top of that, he said that these campaigners have “detached” views.

Recently protesters have been voicing their feelings on new regulations that are encouraging power stations all over the UK to burn wood. They are being encouraged to do this in an attempt to cut carbon emissions. Of course, anti-biofuel campaigners do not see it this way. They say that using biofuels is actually more harmful to the environment. On top of that, they say that growing biofuels is actually damaging land that could have been used for food production.

David King, who is actually a former chief scientific adviser to the UK government, said that biofuel is more damaging than what people think. Experts are saying that it is going to cut down on carbon emissions, but in reality, it is doing more harm than good.

Mr. Hayes does not agree with Mr. King, and he has wasted no time voicing his opinion on the matter. In fact, Hayes said that his principle responsibility right now is to keep the lights on in the UK. If the lights went off all over the UK, who would accept the excuse that, “I did it for the right reasons.” The truth is, energy security is very fundamental, and it is going to depend on a mix of different kinds of energy sources. The days of counting on one source of energy are over.

Of course, Hayes is right about that. The UK can no longer afford to count on one source of energy. This is how it got itself into this situation to start with. The UK needs a mix of energy to ensure that it always has an abundance of energy.

In fact, the UK is located in the perfect place to generate tons of renewable energy. The goal is for the country to be producing more energy than it can use so that it can export energy to other countries to turn a big profit. Smaller countries that are landlocked are going to need to import energy from other countries like the UK that can generate more renewable energy than what they can. However, to achieve this goal, the UK will need to start investing heavily into renewable energy.

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