Marine Energy Parks in England and Scotland to Join Forces

Marine energy parkIf there is one issue that needs solving in the UK, it is the energy crisis. Right now the outlook on the energy industry is looking kind of grim. In order to beat this grim outlook, everyone is going to have to work together to find a solution.

Luckily, there are some groups that are willing to do just that. Marine energy parks in both England and Scotland are willing to work together. The hope is, by working together, these marine energy parks can advance technology in the UK’s wave and tidal energy industry. This is a sector that many experts believe the UK can improve on. Not only can the country as a whole improve, but it could end up being a major supplier of energy for the whole country.

The truth is that the UK is in a great area to be a major supplier for renewable energy around the world. This is due to its location. However, in order to take advantage of this location, the UK has to develop new technology that will allow it to harness energy from all sources of renewable energy, including wave and tidal.

This new agreement for further development in tidal and wave technology includes Orkney Waters and Pentland Firth marine parks. Experts in the renewable energy sector are describing this partnership as a huge milestone for the industry. It opens the door to possibilities that most people don’t believe are possible.

Both of these areas will still focus mostly on trying to attract investments in their own geographical areas. So nothing will change in that regard. That being said, they will now be encouraged to share knowledge and best practices between the two marine parks. By sharing information they should be able to improve technology quicker.

To help boost this along, the Scottish government has already made it clear that they will be providing close to £4.1 million in funding to help boost research at Orkney’s European Marine Energy Center. This, of course, helps Pentland Firth as well, because the information learned at Orkney’s marine park will be shared with Pentland.

There is still a long way to go before the renewable energy sector can support itself. However, partnerships like this help to push this industry down the right road. This cannot be an industry where everyone does their own research without sharing. It has to be an industry where information is shared.

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