New hydro-electricity plants being considered by SSE

To add to its expanding wind-farm business, Scottish and Southern Energy is considering putting up new hydro electricity plants in Scotland.

The firm which is building the one hundred megawatt station at Glendoe close to Loch Ness, disclosed that two other smaller hydro electricity projects were in the pipeline in Scotland.

Ian Marchant, the Chief Executive of Scottish and Southern Energy said the hydro electricity generating stations would complement wind farms since they offered a steady supply of electricity and their asset value had risen in recent years.

The hydro electricity generation plant being built at Glendoe  is ahead of schedule and is expected to be the final major hydro electricity project in Britain.

The chief executive of Scottish and Southern Energy disclosed that the success of the project at Glendoe was partly the reason why they were considering building new hydro plants. Another reason was that the targets for renewable energy had been raised from what was existing three years ago and so they had to invest in more renewable sources of electricity.

While Scottish and Southern Energy would not disclose where the proposed new projects would be located, it is clear it is in one of the highland areas. One of the projects would involve reconstructing an existing station in order to make it more efficient but there would also be a completely new project which is expected to generate approximately ten megawatts.

Scottish and Southern Energy will also be investing outside Britain and already five hundred million pounds has been set aside for projects in the rest of Europe and China by 2013.

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