New Rise in Price for British Gas Consumers Could be a Sign of Things to Come

Apparently, the recently announced price hikes at energy supplier British Gas could be the start of a big upward trend in household energy bills. This news comes at a time when people are trying their best to save as much money as possible.

Following this big announcement, British Gas consumers will face price rises of seven percent. This increase is for both their gas and electricity supplies. The increase is set to start up next month.

This move has already prompted one consumer advice website to urged customers to compare the deals being offered by other suppliers. This is the only way that consumers can rest assure that they are getting the best tariff.

Lisa Greenfield, the energy analyst at, has said that the price hike could be a sign of things to come. She said that, as a result of the move by British Gas, eight million customers will see their energy bills rise by almost 80 pounds a year. British Gas has always led the market, whether it be for price increases or price drops. Thus, the fact that they are increasing their price is not a good sign.

She finished up by saying that this is a sign of things to come, and they recommend anyone who wishes to protect themselves from further rises to find the best deal. Do not just stick with the same company because it is easier.

People all over the UK are working really hard to not only cut down on their energy usage but also on ways to lower their carbon footprint. Of course, one expert pointed out that by increasing the price of energy, companies are actually helping the environment. This is because it will make people a lot more likely to look for ways to cut down on their energy consumption in order to lower their bills.

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