Over 60 Percent of Brits Cut Energy Usage to Save Money

Energy Bill and Pound NotesAccording to a new survey that was done by BBC Radio 5, Brits are still very worried about rising energy prices. In fact, more than one-third of all the people who participated in this survey said that they were worried that their heating bills were going to be too costly this winter. This survey also went on to find out that 25 percent of people said that they have lived with extremely cold homes during the winter because they could not afford a higher energy bill.

Out of the more than 1,000 people who participated in this survey, 63 percent said that they have cut their energy usage in some way to cut off rising energy costs. However, these people feel that no matter how much they cut their energy usage, their bills either stay the same or continue to rise. Either way, it will make for a cold winter this season.

The government says that it will do what it can to help Brits this winter. However, government help so far has not put an end to the rise in fuel poverty. The Labour party was very quick to point out that, under the coalition government, fuel poverty has been running wild all over the UK. With this winter looking to be one of the coldest winters in years, the number of homes in fuel poverty is likely to increase. People will have to make a choice this winter, either freeze or fall deeper into debt as they try to keep on the heat.

The interviews for this survey were carried out by ComRes. They said that they did these interviews by phone over the course of a few days between August 20 and September 1 of this year. Most Brits did agree on one thing, the cost of energy in the UK is completely unreasonable. Due to this, nearly 70 percent of Brits believe that energy companies in the UK should be nationalized. They believe that the government would do a better job controlling the price of energy than what the Big Six energy companies are doing right now.

On top of this, just over 80 percent of Brits welcome more solar energy. They would like to see more solar panels go up as a way to produce more green energy. This verdict goes against what some energy experts would have the public believe. Experts have been saying that people would find solar panels to be an eye soar.

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