Plans in high gear for wind power

The Southampton City Council has sent invitations to green developers to scout for possible locations for the setting up of a turbine measuring one hundred and twenty five metres high.

10 windy locations have already been mapped after all the council’s land assets had been screened and preliminary surveys of all the promising spots done. Specialists are now looking into exactly how many of the two million pound wind turbines could be constructed at each site. It is estimated that up to 3 huge turbines could be constructed in Southampton and these would be able to produce electricity that is equivalent to the consumption of three thousand and three hundred households annually. Under the same initiative plans to construct 6 huge wind turbines in Reading and 4 in Oxford were unveiled in March.

Separately Southampton City Council is also engaged in another plan to construct close to twenty medium-sized turbines on commercial and industrial locations. The first of these turbines is likely to be set up in Woolston riverside. The medium-sized turbines which measure fifteen metres high have a maximum capacity of producing enough electricity to power twenty two homes annually.

Partnership for Renewables is the organisation that initiated the giant turbine scheme and is a subsidiary of Carbon Trust which will be footing the costs of building the plants.

Partnership for Renewables will set up the wind turbines and then supply the electricity back to the council at a subsidised rate or supply it into the national grid. Each turbine is expected to save two thousand and two hundred tonnes of carbon emissions every year.


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