Residents Sign Petition against Building Energy from Waste Plant in Northamptonshire

Renewable energy signAccording to new reports, more than 2,500 people have already signed a petition against plans to build a brand new energy from waste plant in Northamptonshire. For those who do not know, this was a plan that was submitted by Origin Renewable Energy back in July. When the plan was first submitted, experts predicted that it could run into some problems, and it has.

The plant itself is said to be worth more than £60 million. If it does get approved, then the plant would be built in Desborough. The whole goal of the plant would be to burn landfill waste to produce energy for consumers. Origin Renewable Energy says that this is a clean way to deal with the build-up of waste in the UK.

However, groups campaigning against the plant do not see it that way. In fact, campaigner Gary White said that residents in this area fear the plant would be a health risk. The residents are scared of the plant and do not want it near them.

Mr. White went on to say that he has collected signatures and spoken to the people in Desborough. He said that people are scared to death of what may happen if this plant is built. After all, the measures that have been put in place by the Environment Agency only take effect if something goes wrong. Why should the people have to wait for something to go wrong before they are protected?

So what do residents want? According to Mr. White, they want to be guaranteed their health. He said that, unless all the residents in this area can be guaranteed their health, no one will be happy with this latest development.

The waste to energy plant would be built close to Eagle Drive, near Magnetic Park. One of the concerns is that the plant will have a 53m tall chimney stack. Of course, there is a lot more to the plant than just a chimney stack. The company will also have to build turbines, boilers and a large visitor center just to name a few things.

Origin Renewable Energy’s managing director, Adam Buxton, does not see what the problem is. He said that part of the planning requires the company to produce an environmental impact assessment. This is an assessment that takes into account the human health risk involved with building the plant.

Mr. Buxton went on to say that they have set up a community liaison group. The company has also taken many of the residents to a similar plant that has already been built in Norway to ease their concerns. The company will have to adhere to the very strict rules set by Europe, so people should rest easy.

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