Scottish Power Starts Multi-million-pound Upgrade to Longannet Power Station

Scottish PowerThere is no question at this point that energy companies in the UK are taking their customers for a ride. Prices just seem to be jumping way too quickly for them to justify it. That being said, it appears that some energy companies are at least putting this money to go use. In fact, Scottish Power has already started work on a huge multi-million pound upgrade to Longannet Power Station.

This upgrade, which will cost around £25 million, is being paid for by the extra money Scottish Power has made from its struggling customers. The upgrade will take 650 workers over four months to complete. Apparently this upgrade will see new boiler parts and generators put in, as well as a new generator transformer. This upgrade work is being done on a unit that is able to generate close to 600MW of electricity. This is the same as 10 percent of Scotland’s peak energy usage.

Of course, if there is one power station in Scotland that needs this upgrade, it is Longannet. This power station first opened up its doors back in 1969. However, it did not become fully functional until around 1973. Currently, the net output of this power station is about 2,304MW of electricity. This is because the company operates four 600MW turbines. This is enough power to supply electricity to about two million homes in the UK. Experts say that this is the third largest coal power station in all of Europe.

Neil Clitheroe, who is the retail and generation chief executive for Scottish Power, said that this was a very vital upgrade. This is the kind of investment that energy companies have to make in huge power stations like Longannet. Scottish Power will continue doing everything that it can to keep this power station running smoothly.

Clitheroe added that Longannet is the largest power station in all of Scotland. Due to this fact, it plays a huge role in producing power for not only homes but for businesses. It is very important that Scottish Power keeps this station up and running. Scottish Power has been investing in this same station for more than 40 years now. In fact, just last year the company invested nearly £20 million in the same station.

This work will be completed over the summer months this year. The whole goal of this upgrade is to keep this power station an extremely huge part of Scotland’s energy mix. To do that, the company will have to continue investing money.

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