SSE will Refund £20 to Each Consumer Who Fails to Receive a Call Back

SSE LogoThere are tons of consumers out there who say they have been told that Scottish and Southern Energy, SSE, would call them back, and they never receive a call. Well SSE says that these consumers can now demand a refund for every time the firm fails to call back.

This is a huge bid by the company to hopefully improve consumer services. After all, consumer service is not something that SSE is well-known for. Now they promise to take money off consumers’ bills for each failed call back.

This is one way that SSE plans to hit its “five principles” this year. For those who do not know, the five principles they are hoping to hold in strong regard this year are: never transferring people more than once unless the consumer agrees to it, offering people support if they need help with their bill, calling people back when promised, giving people the chance to speak to a manager if they want, and helping people to save money.

SSE went on to say that there is no cap to the amount of money they can have refunded to them. That being said, people have to claim the money within ten days of the alleged “failed call back”. From there the money will be credited to the affected person’s account balance. This way, they receive the discount the next time they go to pay their bill, whether they pay monthly or quarterly.

The deputy chief executive of SSE, Alistair Phillips Davies, said that this new rule is more than just about the £20. It is also about SSE setting itself up to deliver a higher standard. This way the company is now accountable for its actions. No more talk; it is time for action.

Alistair went on to say that SSE will be the first to admit that they have not always lived up to what consumers want. However, they pride themselves on being different from any other energy supplier and this new move proves it. This new guarantee will show people that they mean business. SSE is trying to send a very clear message to the whole industry. People cannot be treated poorly. They have to be treated with respect.

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