Surrey sees 11,000 People Sign Up for Big Energy Switching Scheme

SurreyPeople all over the UK are complaining about high energy bills. That being said, it appears that residents in Surrey are actually trying to do something about it. According to reports, more than 11,000 people have already signed up with a new energy switching scheme that has been put into place. The Surrey County Council put this scheme into place to help homeowners try to get the best deal possible for their home.

The council set up a scheme just last year with the major goal of using the power of thousands of different residents all over Surrey to lower prices. The idea is that energy companies will lower prices in order to win the business of these thousands of residents. This causes energy companies to get into a bidding war to see which one can offer the group the best deal. The company that wins gets all the extra business.

The Surrey County Council has already said that suppliers were selected earlier this month. The selected suppliers took part in an auction. The council said that this auction would save Surrey residents a collected £545,000, which was the goal that they wanted to meet.

So this just brings up one major question: Who won the auction? According to the Surrey County Council, Sainsbury’s Energy will actually be supplying households who are on a combined gas and electricity tariff. Most consumers are going to save about £118 a year on this new deal. For people who are on just an electricity plan, they will have their power handled by ScottishPower, which submitted the lowest bid in this auction. The people who sign up with this deal are likely to save around £48 and £70 a year.

Although the savings are not as big, people who are on just an energy plan are typically paying out less anyway. Thus, the savings are not going to be as big as for people who are saving on both energy and gas. Any consumer who signed up for this deal will be notified soon with all of the final details. Of course, just because people signed up for this scheme does not mean that they have to follow through with it. In fact, consumers have until the beginning of May to choose if they want to complete the deal or not. If they do not, they are free to stay with their current power provider.

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