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UK Not Endanger of Power Cuts

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

It now seems that some experts are saying that the UK is not at any risk for power cuts for at least the next 10 years. This information came from the Secretary of State for Climate Change and Energy last Sunday. He went on to note that the UK government has plenty of power stations opening up in the coming years to meet the demand of energy while being able to improve renewable energy supplies.

However, he did note that the government still does face a challenge with renewable energy. Mostly due to the fact that it will be hard to talk people into backing up and coming wind farms while they get their feet under them. This goes double since the current economic climate is not that good to start with.

Despite what many people want to think, he went on to say, that there is still a lot of opposition to the low carbon route. This comes despite the fact that it’s better for us and for the environment. For many people, they simply hate change. For others, fossil fuels and carbon producing energy is all they have ever known, and they do not want to change what works. On top of this, there are many companies that make all of their money in fossil fuels, and they hate to see renewable energy getting such a push.

Either way, Britain is not in danger of any kind of power cuts during the next decade while the government attempts to switch over to clearer energy. It is the government’s goal to make this switch as quick and as painless as possible. The easier the switch, the more people that will get on board with the cleaner energy sources.

Power cuts hit area repeatedly

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Chorley estate in the recent past has suffered frequent electricity outages leaving the locals angry and frustrated.
In last fourteen days the people residing in Shaw Hill Street claim they have experienced over fifteen blackouts which has forced people to turn to other alternatives for lighting purposes. Strangely the power cuts are only being experienced in one section of the street where approximately twenty households have been the victims.

The people residing in the area have grown tired of forwarding complaints to the electricity supplier concerned and now a solution found.

Adele Speakman, a resident of the area admitted that it was impossible to have a bath or prepare tea due to the electricity interruptions which they were experiencing. She complained that she was sometimes left unable to prepare breakfast for some of her children wondered what she would once she delivered a new baby if the frequent power cuts persisted.

Adele Speakman’s neighbour, Mary Hodgkinson, who is an elderly lady said she had been complaining to the electricity supplier every day for the last fourteen days and yet nothing had been done about it. She admitted to calling the electricity supplier’s emergency number several times only to be told that they hadn’t been notified of the problem.

A spokesperson for United Utilities, which is the electricity supplier responsible, regretted the inconveniences the residents had suffered and made the assurance that the electricity distributor was doing all it could to rectify the problem in the shortest time possible. He explained that it was not possible to zero in on the network fault since it was a developing fault.

Power outage in Greater Manchester

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Hundreds of households were left without electricity after thieves stole copper wires at a power substation.

Approximately seven hundred households were affected and these were in Chesham Fold and Radcliffe in Bury, Greater Manchester.
The electricity supplier for the area, United Utilities, assured the affected customers that its technicians and engineers were working around the clock to rectify the problem.
A spokesperson for United Utilities revealed that the cabling and the power fuses required examination to see whether they were damaged in all the households before the reconnection could be done.

At the power substation, the thieves stole two electricity transformers. Also several cables suffered damage during the act.

The spokesperson for United Utilities spokesman asserted that the job of ensuring that their clients were safe was paramountly important to the electricity firm and that United Utilities would try to conduct thorough inspections in the quickest and most efficient manner. The spokesperson added that they would be sending notices to their customers by written correspondence but on a daily basis they would also be offering their customers updates. The United Utilities spokesperson apologised for the inconvenience which had been caused by the thieves.

At present Bury Council is making efforts to re-house vulnerable residents who might require temporary alternative shelter.

A spokesperson for the local authority advised the affected residents to get temporary accommodation elsewhere until power supply was resumed. The Bury Council spokesperson regretted the shameless vandalism which had brought suffering on many people.

Power cuts likely if energy expansion is delayed

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

The United Kingdom is in danger of facing serious electricity shortages five years from now if the plans to develop new nuclear and renewable energy facilities are held up. This warning came from the Confederation of British Industries.

The Confederation of British Industries has at the same time cautioned members of parliament against watering down of a new fast-track planning system since it would result in delays in the development of new electricity generating stations.

The deputy director-general of the Confederation of British Industries, John Cridland, argued that shooting down the planning system would have serious consequences for the country.

The prime minister is likely to fail at the House of Commons when the Planning Bill is debated by members of parliament on the floor of the house. Ministers have repeatedly said that the goal of the Planning Bill is to reduce the time taken for big energy and transport schemes to take off. The ministers are proposing that a new independent planning commission be formed and which would have the powers to decide the siting of power stations and other huge infrastructure schemes.

Over sixty backbenchers from the Labour party have signed a Commons motion expressing their reservations about the new Planning Bill. Thirty of them are understood to be ready to water down the bill.

The local authorities have also expressed their anger for not being made part of the planning process because it denies the locals the power to say no to projects that are not in their best interests.

Power cuts in East Yorkshire

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Gusts with speeds of up to fifty five miles per hour cause a blackout in East Yorkshire leaving thousands of households without electricity.

As per CE Electric which is the electricity supplier responsible for the north east approximately three thousand households suffered the power outage.

Even at six in the evening there were five hundred households which still hadn’t got their power back especially those areas covered by the postcodes HU11 and HU17. This included Beverley and the adjacent areas.

A spokesperson for CE Electric, assured everyone that an emergency team had been dispatched to the area and that they were working to rectify the damages that had been caused to the overhead power cables. The spokesperson added that extra manpower had been drafted to ensure the problem was dealt with as fast as possible.

A forecaster at the meteorological office, Dave Elliott, revealed that the power outages had been as a result of trees falling on the overhead power lines. The forecaster added that the speed of the gust was 55mph which was quite common during the winter season but unusual at a time like this.

Mr. Elliot explained that the problem lay in the fact that the trees are covered in leaves in the months of summer, so there is a much larger surface area for the wind to hit which makes it easy for them to fall during a time like this. He added that it was the reason that during the early summer months as well as in spring that more trees succumb to the wind.

Bad weather cuts off electricity supply

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Electricity users in Connemara, Co Galway whose power is supplied by ESB had their electricity cut off after lightning struck in the area. The affected customers number two thousand and five hundred people.

Meanwhile at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary electricity was restored after almost a whole afternoon went by without power. The cause of the blackout was attributed to a mains fault. But technicians from Yorkshire Electricity arrived and repaired the fault and there was restoration of normal supply of electricity as the evening drew closer.

After power was restored the hospital was quick to assure everyone that no further problems would be experienced. The hospital management revealed that even during the power blackout business at the hospital went on as usual thanks to the business continuity plan that was in place and the cooperation of the members of staff.

Elsewhere in Glenamoy, County Mayo there was also a power blackout which affected close to two hundred people. This was also blamed on the bad weather that was witnessed in the area. The power supplier in the area was however quick to rectify the situation and now up to three hundred homes which had suffered the electricity outages earlier in Roscommon had their electricity restored.

The poor weather has even made the Irish Ferries and Stena Line to call off a number of their crossings since it is not only impossible to navigate but also risky for the passengers. And in the city centre of Dublin City Centre trees have fallen on the roads after the spate of bad weather making movement impossible. Some roads have been rendered impassable as a result. The Automobile Association has cautioned drivers to stay out of the roads unless they really have to. And in case they get on the road they have been advised to stay alert so as to avoid accidents that may result in the bad weather.

Power cuts in Wealdstone

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Wealdstone has been hard hit by power outages in the last five days where there has been 3 blackouts recorded. This has left business people in the area reeling from losses encountered due to the power blackouts.

For instance some shops had to be closed after the electricity went off along High Street, Wealdstone, first on Saturday last week, then on Tuesday and then on Wednesday this week. Some shoppers had to turn back and take the business elsewhere.
He manager of Visioncare, Surekha Rughani, approximated the losses in her shop to be in the range of between eight hundred sterling pounds and one thousand sterling pounds. This is because she had to shut down her shop for 2 of the 3 days that the shortages occurred. She admitted that she had to cancel all appointments with her patients while the blackout lasted. Even worse the manager could not get an explanation when she called the electricity supplier.

A receptionist at Visioncare has had to calm down a lot of angry customers whose appointments had been cancelled and rescheduled.

The vice-chairperson of manager Wealdstone Traders’ Association and the manager of Pineapple Boutique, explained that most of the enterprises cannot open the shutters when there is no power and so they had to resort to the manual way of doing which takes close to half an hour.

A spokesperson for EDF Energy, the electricity supplier for the affected area sent out apologies for the power cuts. She attributed the power shortage to a fault with the underground cable.

Power cuts affect learning

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

In a village in Suffolk electricity outages have caused chaos and frustration to the point that one high school which is prepared its students for O level and A level exams is struggling to ensure that learning is not discontinued.
In Stowupland which is close to Stowmarket the power crisis has affected over one thousand and six hundred electricity consumers including the residential area and the high school where learning has been greatly inconvenienced.

To cope with the situation, at Stowupland High School the school administration has had to send some lower grade students back home to make room for the older students to occupy the classrooms which have the most natural light.

The examinations that are currently being taken include the sciences in the O levels as well as Cantonese and German. The A level exams being taken include maths, geography, ethics and philosophy.

A Suffolk County Council spokesperson disclosed that they were trying every means possible to keep parents and guardians abreast with the developments. The spokesperson added that the underground cables were still waiting to be repaired and it would take some time before the power supply was resumed. In that regard the students taking exams on these days would use classrooms with the most natural light.

A spokesperson for EDF Energy Networks, Rajan Lakhani, disclosed that the company had sent apologies to the affected consumers. The spokesperson attributed the power interruption to a complication that arose on the local high voltage network. He added that one of the generators was also causing problems.

Villagers protest over power cuts

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Power firms have been accused of neglecting the residents of a village on Loch Lomondside following up to sixteen power blackouts in the past year. The residents revealed that the power cuts in Luss had affected the local business community negatively and the senior citizens in the area had to live without heating.

Scottish and Southern Energy sent apologies and said that the power blackouts were due to trees falling on power lines after heavy storms. The firm acknowledged two power outages and disclosed that electricity supply had resumed shortly after.

The proprietor of Culag Lochside Guest house, Patrick Farrell, disclosed that over ninety people had experienced the power blackouts.

Luss Community Council members admitted that even after complaining endlessly no action had been taken and the villagers had resorted to writing to Alex Salmond, the First Minister, hoping for his intervention.

The proprietor of Culag Lochside Guest house regretted that the village had experienced more power cuts than any other place in the whole of Britain in the last year, leading to local enterprises losing money and business opportunities. Patrick Farell added that the senior citizens had suffered from lack of heating. He added that the energy infrastructure in the area was inadequate and would even be more constrained with expected sporting events in the area.

A spokesperson for Scottish and Southern Energy admitted that the firm had claimed responsibility for most of the power blackouts adducing them to severe storms which damaged trees which then fell on power lines. The spokesperson revealed that they had begun an initiative to cut down trees that could adversely affect power supply in case of storms.

Power cuts cause riots in India

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

In northern India power cuts have led to rioting after many areas experienced lack of electricity as the high temperatures of summer increased.

Police officers tried to use tear gas to break up the rioters who caused damage to vehicles belonging to the police force and barricaded the roads as well as the railway lines. A power transformer was also set ablaze as staff of the electricity firm were attacked in various cities and towns in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has a population of approximately one hundred and eighty million people and is considered one of the most underprivileged regions in India. It has poor energy infrastructure which has proved incapable of meeting the increasing requirements for electricity which has been exacerbated by the high temperatures which have gone beyond forty degrees Celsius.

Many of the cities and towns in the state of Uttar Pradesh have only had electricity available to them for just half of the day. This has left most of the population bereft of the electricity needed for air regulation and even for pumping water.

Reports indicate that after the riots over two hundred and fifty people were arrested.

In one of the worst hit areas by the power cuts, Gorakhpur, where electricity has not been available for over twenty four hours, protesters forced their way into an office belonging to the electricity board where a number of employees were taken hostage while others were attacked. An electricity transformer was also damaged by fire.