UK Continues to Consider Tidal Energy Projects as Good Alternative Energy

Tidal Energy TurbineEveryone knows that the UK is going to need a good energy mix if it is going to get away from fossil fuels. This means, the country will not be able to count on one form of energy too much, like wind or solar. They need other means of energy as well. This is the reason why the UK government continues to support other forms of energy, like tidal.

If people think that the UK is going to let tidal energy fall by the waist side, they better think again. In fact, the government just recently gave the go-ahead for three new tidal energy projects to be created. This is the government’s way of trying to boost this sector’s energy output. These three new projects alone should generate about 20 percent of the UK’s electricity needs.

The administration that manages both offshore and land development rights, the Crown Estate, said that these three projects could proceed further. However, their overall plans are still subject to final approval from regional authorities.

Most people are behind tidal energy. They feel that it is a great way to produce energy without having to take up land space. However, there are still some concerns about the environmental impact that tidal products will have on the coastline. It is concerns like this that have kept the UK from investing more in tidal energy.

Experts say that people need to get passed these concerns. After all, the UK is in a perfect location to make full use of tidal energy. With enough tidal products and wind farms, the UK could get nearly all of its energy from just these two sources. However, if people continue to fight these forms of energy, the UK will have to look elsewhere in the short term.

Renewables UK, which is a well-known lobby group that supports low carbon technology, said that this is great news overall. This is not just great news for developers who will be involved in the making of these projects, but also for the renewable industry in the UK as a whole. That is because it shows the level of confidence that the government has in this kind of technology.

For those who don’t know, tidal energy comes from underwater turbines and dam-like barrages. These machines are able to harness the energy that is produced naturally from waves that crash against the shoreline. It is natural energy like this that the world is hoping to harness to cut back on fossil fuel usage.

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