UK Expresses Dislike of Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Ever since the UK reported the ban on making 100 watt incandescent light bulbs, people around the UK have been outraged. For these people, it’s not the fact that they don’t want to save energy, and it’s not the fact that these low energy bulbs take longer to warm up. Most people have been expressing their concerns over the fact that these energy saving light bulbs are not as bright.

Due to the ban, people have now been voicing their problems with it on places like Facebook. Many people who are against the ban have been saying things like: they flat out hate energy saving light bulbs. However, Facebook is not the only place that is seeing people talk out against the ban. Even places like the Daily Mail have been running campaigns to save the traditional light bulbs.

Some people like, Glastonbury estate agent Jules Bending, have announced that they are currently stockpiling traditional bulbs and plan to sell them in 2012 at vastly inflated prices. Jules Bending went on to say that they had been stockpiling normal light bulbs for quite some time in a warehouse in a secret location. Right now they have more than 6,700 light bulbs, which Bending believes will fetch a price between £40-£60 as traditional light bulb supplies diminish. Bending even went as far as to approach the climate change denier David Bellamy to front this underground campaign.

Bending has recently come out and asked, What if the earth is just heating up naturally, and people are not to blame for this global meltdown? He goes on to say that we are all just denying ourselves simple pleasures like normal lights. Bending thinks that one of his biggest markets will be to women, who like to look at themselves in traditional light rather than the light that is given off by the environmentally friendly bulbs.

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