UK Green Building Council Says Energy Efficient Homes Should Pay Less Taxes

Energy efficient homeThe UK government is doing a lot to encourage people to go green. That being said, there are some groups out there that feel more could be done. Take the UK Green Building Council for example. This group believes that more people would go green if the government would give a tax break to the people who do. This may be a big enough incentive to put the UK back on track to reaching its low-carbon goals.

According to a new report that was published by the UK GBC, energy efficient homes should have to pay less council tax as well as less stamp duty. This would help more people partake in the UK’s energy-efficiency schemes that are already in place. Campaigners say that more people would be willing to go green if they knew that they would be able to save a little money right off the bat. Lowering taxes for these people accomplishes just that.

This brand new proposal comes just after the UK released figures that show only 245 homes have been able to finalize financing under the government’s new green deal. This is shocking since this green deal has been in play for the past six months.

The scheme that is already in place by the government asks homeowners to take out private loans. These loans then cover the cost of energy efficient improvements. However, the plan has drawn a lot of criticism because it is too complex. The biggest problem is the fact that people are being slammed by high interest rates.

The chief executive of the UK GBC, Paul King, said that this campaign sends a very clear message to the government. This message is that the current scheme that is in place is not working. More has to be done if the UK is really going to take on its energy-efficiency crisis. This new research clearly shows that additional incentives would have a huge impact on the current energy-efficiency schemes.

On this note, King is right. The government can come up with all of the schemes it wants to. However, homeowners are not going to jump on these schemes unless they feel that they are going to benefit from it in some way. People want to go green, but with the state of the economy, that is the last thing people are worried about. No one is going to go green just to help the government reach its goal. It has to be a two-way street.

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