UK Struggles With Power Problems

As the UK struggles with ways to generate more power, it has to avoid being taken in for the mad dash for gas. Although the UK is committed to other long range power generation options, it could take years to get there. In due time, the UK hopes to be using nuclear energy, cleaner coal, and renewable energy as their main sources of power. However, finding the right balance of these new power solutions could prove to be the biggest problem.

The UK would like to start using new nuclear reactors to make power, but these reactors could be more than a decade away. Not only that, but coal is still controversial. The future of using coal is going to be linked back to the development of carbon capture, as well as storage of the coal itself. This leaves the UK with renewable power and gas as its main power supply.

In the future, the UK is going to have a very diverse range of ways to produce power. However, getting to that stage could prove to be difficult. By 2015, almost one-third of the UK’s power generating capacity will need to be replaced. This leads a lot of companies, despite the supply scare and prices of gas, choosing gas fired generation for now. The UK fears becoming to reliant on one power supply, and thus, some experts say that turning to gas fired generation may not be the answer.

Until renewable resources are able to take over more of the power demand, many UK companies have no choice but to go with gas fire power generation. During this time, the development of more renewable resources has to be ramped up. The shorting supply of gas may not be enough to last until nuclear power is ready to go. Thus, renewable resources will have to pick up the slack.

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