Vestas To Receive £6 million, Isle of Wight Plant Still Closing

The government granted Vestas Technology £6 million in cash yesterday.  However the funding will not keep the Isle of Wight wind farm from closure.

The wind energy plant has been plagued by controversy since the closure was announced earlier this month. The most recent headlines have centered on the sit-in currently being staged by 25 former employees of the wind turbine plant.

Spokespeople for Vestas will appear in court on Wednesday to petition to regain control of the factory ending the week long sit-in which began last Tuesday.

Vestas has stood by its claims that the closure of the wind turbine factory is unavoidable as the wind energy market is currently in a decline.  The closure will mark the loss of over 600 hundred jobs held by local residents.

£6 million received from the government will go towards Vestas Technology’s offshore research and development department.

The funding comes to Vestas as part of a £1bn loan package generated by the government to aid green business finding it difficult to raise money for sustainable energy during the credit crunch.

“The money … will help us generate green jobs on top of our success as the leading country in the world for generating offshore wind. Alongside these proposals, we are reforming planning laws, finding new ways of working with local communities and are determined to persuade people that we need a significant increase in onshore wind as part of the UK’s future energy mix,” said Ed Milliband.

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