Whitfield Solar Receives Funding from Carbon Trust Fund

Whitfield Solar will see an increase in their expansion opportunities as new investments open up between the EU and Asia-Pac. Whitfield Solar is one of the UK’s fastest growing solar energy developers and has received investments from the UK Carbon Trusts Investments Limited. The solar company will use these new investments to strengthen their workforce as well as expand in progress commercial projects in Spain.

Additionally the solar company will expand their sales tactics by increasing their prescence in emerging markets in Greece, Italy, Australia, and Portugal. They are also planning to begin produce commercial solar products for sales in India and China near the end of 2010.

The new investments are part of a larger investment plan to inject 2.7m of the Carbon Trust Investments Limited as well as syndicate new private investors. Additionally the investments are also partially supported by existing investors Kilsby Ltd. and the Cascade Fund.

Previously Whitfield Solar had already begun showing interest in Asia-Pacific solar markets and the new investment funding from the Carbon Trust will allow them to act upon a commercial roll-out. The company is expected to use a majority of the funding to enhance their engineering and manufacturing capacity, as well as marketing support and additional operating capital.

Chief executive for Whitfield Solar, Stephen Bates, said that Whitfield Solar has been expanding and developing new technologies quickly since becoming an incorporated in 2004. He added that the technology the company offers is the product of three decades of careful research and development. Additionally he stated that the new funding will allow the company to expand their commercial interests to help market their excellent product.

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