Workers from British Gas and Npower are Being Paid to Work for the Government

British Gas logoAccording to recent reports, employees from both British Gas and Npower have now been hired by the government for work. This announcement was made by the Department of Energy and Climate Change this month. They said that they will be hosting 23 private sector employees on secondment. This does include staff from oil companies like Shell.

Reports from media sources suggest that most of these workers are being paid with taxpayers’ money. This is the last thing that taxpayers want to hear with all the money issues the country is having right now.

Despite any hard feelings people had about this new arrangement, a spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said that these workers will bring with them knowledge and expertise. This is just what the government needs right now. This will be a very vital part of helping the Department of Energy and Climate Change reach its goals.

The spokesman went on to say that, by bringing in these workers, they will be able to provide insight into the challenges that their sector faces. For example, workers from oil companies like Shell will be able to share their concerns for their industry. In turn, this should help the government refocus their efforts on areas that these sectors are most worried about.

In terms of pay, the spokesman said that it is very common for these kinds of workers to be paid directly by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for the work they do. That, or the company that they work for will be refunded for the time that their worker is missing. This is a very standard practice across the government. There have to be measures put in place to make sure that the employee does not lose their position at their full time job.

Caroline Lucas, however, was not as happy with this this announcement. She said that fossil fuel giants should have no place at the heart of the government. How can the government make a push for a low-carbon future if oil companies are always able to whisper into their ear? Not only that, but it is outrageous that taxpayers are the ones who have to pay the bill for this. Pretty much, the government is asking taxpayers to pay for oil companies to have an inside track to the government.

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