World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Plant to Be Built in Italy

Solon SE, an Italian company plans to install the world’s largest solar photovoltaic plant to date.  The plant will be constructed on a Padua warehouse and truck loading facility’s rooftop and generate enough energy to meet the electricity needs of the company. 

The company will supply 67,500 in electricity constructing the panels for the roof.  The structure will be able to produce up to 15MW when hit by direct sunlight.  The company claims that once completed the plant will have an energy capacity that could easily supply power to over 5,000 residences.

The manufacturer is based outside of Berlin, and almost ceased production on all products after suffering an abysmal first quarter in revenue.  However, the company seems to have turned around this quarter as they have announced three other projects this month in addition to the rooftop solar endeavor.

The company has announced that construction on the project will commence at the Interporto di Padova sometime in September.  The photovoltaic solar panels for the roof will be produced in  Carmigiano di Brenta in Italy.  The modules are being made by Solon S.P.A, which is a smaller subsidiary of Solon SE. 

Once completed the plant will be the world’s largest rooftop solar plant.  Solar has seen a rise in popularity globally as energy companies compete to come up with affordable, accessible alternatives to fossil fuels. 

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