Scottish Hydro Electric

Scottish Hydro Electric
Scottish Hydro Electric has been serving Scottish energy consumers since its foundation in 1989, yet its forbearer, North of Scotland Electricity, actually began in 1947. The company is now part of the Scottish and Southern Electric group, which provides much of the electricity and gas to residents north of the border. It currently employs more than 20,000 people across the UK and serves more than 10 million customers.

Like many of its peers, Scottish Hydro manages to provide a number of services to its loyal customers in addition to its reliable and affordable power supply. Its phone and broadband packages are a welcome alternative to the better-known players in this field, while it provides installation and full protection of gas boilers, central heating and wiring.

Scottish Hydro Electric Service

Scottish Hydro Electric

Save energy, Save money

Scottish Hydro caters well to energy customers on a low budget thanks to its ‘pay as you go’ metering and convenient prepayment methods. Regular customers can save money by choosing the direct debit and paperless bills options when signing up. A number of fixed rate terms allow savvy consumers to beat the usual price hikes, while those who prefer flexibility can find other deals with no tie-ins.

Scottish Hydro Electric’s transparent switch-in policy makes it easy for consumers to change from their current supplier. The firm offers a seven-day ‘cooling-off’ period, so that switchers have a decent chance to change their minds in the event their current supplier comes back with a better offer.

Scottish Hydro Electric History

Scottish Hydro Electric was formed on 1 April 1989 in preparation for privatisation later that year, by acquiring the assets of North of Scotland Electricity. The new company was eventually floated in June 1991. Scottish Hydro then worked independently for seven years before it merged with Southern Electric in December 1998 to form Scottish and Southern Power.

Since the merger, Scottish Hydro Electric has forged a strong reputation for its customer service. It was the first power supplier to cease doorstep selling and it has consistently had the lowest number of customer complaints among its peers. Scottish Hydro Electric prides itself on its renewable energy tariffs; it makes more energy from water and wind than any other UK energy supplier.

Scottish Hydro Electric Contract Details


Postal Address
Scottish Hydro
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

Contact Numbers

New customers (electricity and gas):
0800 980 2472

Pay as you go (electricity):
0800 980 0415

Pay as you go (gas):
0800 980 0428

General enquiries (electricity and gas):
0845 026 0655

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